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Help us to make a difference to the lives of children, young people & adults with additional needs in the City of Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton’s Children’s and Adult’s social care provides early help, care and support to some of the most vulnerable children, young people and adults in the City. The work we undertake is both challenging and rewarding.

We believe that these children, young people & adults are entitled to live in a safe, caring environment, either in their own families, independently or where this is not possible in the best possible alternative.   We believe they people deserve the opportunity to live and achieve to their full potential. To ensure this, we are constantly looking at how we deliver services and how we do things, to make sure they fully meet the needs of children, young people, families and adults with whom we work.

Wolverhampton has a Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) for both Adults and Children’s Services and is the single point of contact for all safeguarding concerns regarding children, young people and adults with additional needs in Wolverhampton.  It brings together expert professionals, from a range of services that have contact with children, young people, and adults with additional needs, making the best possible use of their combined knowledge and information to ensure needs are meet and people who live in Wolverhampton are safeguarded.

Within both adult’s and children’s social care services have been transformed to locate staff within localities. This allows social workers to develop a local knowledge of services and groups that are available to support people within communities, develop a knowledge of the connectors within communities and enable people to access support that will increase their ability to live independently of statutory services, achieve their personal aspirations and improve overall wellbeing.

Within children’s services we have transformed our Early Intervention Service to ensure we are helping deliver the objective of “Strengthening families where children are at risk”. This recognises the importance of targeting effective EIP and support to vulnerable families at an early point.

Wolverhampton is fully committed to the personal development of all our staff, through training and development. A social work pathway outlines all the opportunities that are available to social workers and first line managers.

In Children’s Services, all social workers who join our team will participate in our two flagship training programmes. The first is Assessment, Planning, Analysis and Permeance and the second is a Youth Justice Board accredited programme in Restorative Practice. This sit within a wider workforce development plan that ensures all social workers have the right knowledge and skill to meet the needs of the people who reside within Wolverhampton.

We believe that people who are achieving their full potential are at the heart of Wolverhampton’s future prosperity.

Above all, we want to help families live independently, stay together and grow stronger. That means using our skills, knowledge and understanding to make the right interventions at the right time. 

It also means working across traditional boundaries – so as well as a high degree of professional ability, it demands genuine emotional intelligence.

We ask a lot of anyone who comes to work with us, but we give a lot in return. Not least, the chance to shape the future of some of the city’s most crucial services – and of the city itself.

It’s a chance for the right people to make a real difference. People like you.

Current vacancies include social worker and newly qualified social worker posts across Children's Services, while people can also find out about future opportunities within Adult Social Care services.

All of our job vacancies are available here.

For more information on Wolverhampton visit: www.wolverhampton.gov.uk