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Cellmark provides court- approved DNA testing and forensic quality Hair Drug testing & Alcohol testing services to members of the public, local authority Children's Services teams, government departments and the legal profession.

Cellmark was the world's first commercial DNA testing laboratory and today is one of the most trusted forward thinking DNA analysis companies in Europe. We apply the same high level of scientific expertise and customer service to our hair drug testing and alcohol testing to provide the complete package of analytical services for our customers.

court-approved Testing

Confidential, conclusive and court approved 'Next Day' DNA testing to establish paternity and as well as other relationship types.

Immigration Testing

DNA tests for individuals seeking UK Visas. Accepted by UK Visas & Immigration as well as immigration departments around the globe.

Hair Drug Testing

Our accredited hair drug testing service provides rapid, reliable scientific analysis, clearly reported and simply explained.

Alcohol Testing

Our alcohol testing service tests for evidence of chronic excessive alcohol consumption in both hair and blood samples.

See our website for more details www.cellmark.co.uk or call 0800 036 2522