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Things need to change for social workers so that you can do the job you're trained to do.  

You matter too, and you should never feel that you're in this alone. That's why we're working to make things better for our social workers, as well as for the children and young people we're here to protect. We want to be the most supportive, effective place for you to do the best job you can.

But we know that you need more than empty words. You need the facts.

So far, with specialist teams, support services and agency partnerships, we've worked to build a stronger support network - and, with a new management structure and inspirational leadership, are working to make it even stronger.

We've created a central administrative hub so that you can spend more time with children and their families, and less time filling in forms. And we've put an operational level safeguarding group in place, so you can be confident that your concerns have been shared and are being acted on.

We want to recruit more passionate, dedicated people who, like us, are determined to make real, positive change. We'll listen to your opinions and respect your expertise and, with the ideas we share, we'll make that change together.

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