“Absolutely amazing! One of my most eye opening, insightful and useful training sessions so far. It really puts you in the shoes of the young person which is not only purposeful for our work as social workers, but for other professionals, carers and parents. The amount of ways this training can be integrated into our every day work is endless.”
Social Worker, London Borough of Hillingdon


I am very happy to recommend the excellent Antser/Cornerstone virtual reality training. The whole session was invaluable and it was so useful for helping people to truly see things from the child/young person’s perspective in a way that no other training can possibly do. All of us in this session gave extremely positive feedback – and all wanted more.
As well as the inspirational and emotive nature of this training, I can truly say that the communication and organisation has been excellent throughout.Quality and Improvement Manager, Fostering London

“Yesterday was an incredible learning curve for me,

I have been working with young people for 15 years and yesterday made it all real for me why we do what we do, and the importance of working together to support young people and families.

The videos are very powerful and incredibly knowledgeable and real to life events and situations.

The way the day was taught has really enabled me to have a better understanding and clearer insight into best practice for young people in our care.” Paediatric Adolescent/Transition Specialist Nurse- Dartford and Gravesham NHS

"Powerful as ever. I think some will find the Aisha footage quite disturbing, especially in VR, but it’s the brutal reality of what we’re dealing with at times.” Chief Superintendent, Metropolitan Police

“The immersive experience allows ambulance staff to see things from a patient’s perspective and to help understand the fear so they truly empathise with their patient.

This gives our crews a greater understanding of how vulnerable patients may display signs of trauma and means they can better protect children and adults at risk.”
Head of Safeguarding, London Ambulance Service

Even with a master’s degree in Therapy to Fostering and Adoption, the VR training allowed me to learn something very new, and although I am highly qualified and knew a lot about trauma and neglect, I found the Virtual Reality training offered an insight that all the other training I have had over the years never did.
Foster Parent, Flourish Fostering

“VR will be a valuable tool in supporting foster carers to have a wider understanding of trauma and areas of risk, making them better able to support children and young people in their care to work through their trauma and build a brighter future.”
Antser VR training attendee , Northamptonshire Children’s Trust

“I believe VR technology/software will transform the work we do with young people, carers and the team around the child in a extraordinary positive way.”
Antser VR training attendee, Nottinghamshire County Council Fostering

The training was the best course I have accessed in a long time. As a professional within the Virtual School and also a foster carer with another authority, I see this as such a powerful tool in terms of developing my own practice at work and reflecting on situations within my own family. I wholeheartedly believe that this training needs to be a core part of not only foster carer recruitment and assessment but also as part of the initial teacher training offer countrywide.
Antser VR training attendee, Stockton on Tees Borough Council


“It made the experience of the child very real and visceral. This was very powerful and helped me have a deeper understanding of what abuse and trauma may have been experienced by a child and how it might impact their behaviors.”
Antser VR training attendee, Adopt South


“I would recommend VR to other young people such as my friends who have not made the right decisions in life and still think someone asking you to do favours for them is a good thing. I was naïve and didn’t understand what was going on. I was pulled away from my family.”
Young Person, Thurrock Council





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Meet our 2023 exhibitors at The Social Work Show

Meet our 2023 exhibitors at The Social Work Show

As we look forward to the Social Work Show 2023, to be held on 2nd October at the Hilton Deansgate in Manchester, we’re pleased to announce another excellent line up of exhibitors.