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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Join Rochdale Borough Council’s Children’s Services

We believe our staff are our most valuable asset. Our success is underpinned by passionate, skilled and empathetic social work teams at the forefront of strengthening families through intervention based practice.

We are looking to recruit social workers with a mixture of experience and a genuine passion for working directly with children, young people and their families to improve outcomes across Rochdale. Read about the jobs available and apply online here.

What ​you can expect​ from us  

- Working in a modern environment where staff health and wellbeing is important
- Time to focus on families and children
- Reflective supervision
- Commitment to a good home/work life balance
- Comprehensive training
- Career development opportunities
- Support in continuous professional development
- Working at the cutting edge of children’s service delivery
- Placement in the best team to meet your skills and experience 

Find out more about what it’s like working for us here

You may have seen at The Social Work Show our seminar on strengthening relational practice. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to social work, working with Strengthening Practice we are acutely focused and aware of how the subtlety of our human behaviours and relationships can influence outcomes – with the profound learning being that the most important relations to build first are those with our colleagues.

Strengthening Relational Practice is not an over-arching or wrap-around approach, it is not one of a range of methods or tools, neither is it something that we choose for certain circumstances or situations. Relational Practice sits at the heart, at the core, of everything we do at Rochdale.