Terms of Business

  1. Definitions
    In the following regulations and conditions the term ‘Exhibitor’ or 'Advertiser' describes any company who has made a successful application for space allocation in the exhibition, and any advertiser who has purchased space within a specified publication. It also describes any agent, representative or employee of the Exhibitor or Advertiser. The term ‘Publisher’ and ‘Organiser’ relate to COMPASS Career Opportunities Ltd.
  2. Stand and Space bookings
    Companies wishing to exhibit or advertise must confirm their booking in writing. No application will be considered valid until such a signed document is received.
  3. Subletting and sharing of stands
    Exhibitors shall neither share, nor sub-let the whole or any part of the stand allocated to them with another organisation without the written consent of the organiser.
  4. Cancellation
    An Exhibitor or Advertiser cancelling or reducing their booking after an official application has been accepted will still be liable for payment of the total charges for the original booking. No charges may be waived or altered.
  5. Amendment of the site plan
    While every endeavour is made to preserve the published plan of any exhibition or publication, the Organiser/Publisher shall be entitled to vary the layout if it is believed by the Organiser/Publisher to be in the general best interest of the exhibition or publication.
  6. Security and insurance
    Neither the Organiser nor its contractors shall be responsible for the safety of any exhibit or other property of any Exhibitor or of any person, or of the loss, damage or destruction by the theft or fire or from any other person. Exhibitors shall indemnify the Organisers and its contractors to the third persons, against any result of any omission of the Exhibitor, his or her servants or agents. As the Organiser and its contractors will accept no responsibility for any of the foregoing matters, Exhibitors should effect their own insurance against any risk of loss, damage or injury or liability.
  7. Postponement or abandonment
    The Exhibitor shall have no claim against the Organiser or its contractors in respect of any loss or damage consequent upon the prevention, postponement or abandonment of the exhibition, or upon the exhibition building becoming wholly or partially unavailable for holding of the exhibition for reasons beyond the control of the Organisers or its contractors. In the event of such prevention, postponement or abandonment the Organiser shall be entitled to retain such part if the sums paid by the Exhibitors as it shall consider necessary to cover any loss.
  8. Under no circumstances may Exhibitors alter or add to the external structure of the stands. Further interior design fittings, lighting and decoration may be added at the Exhibitor’s expense subject to the compliance with these regulations, and any requirements of the local or other authority at the time. Exhibitors are deemed to have knowledge of such requirements and regulations and are to be bound thereby, or be required to indemnify the Organiser and its contractors against the claim, action, loss or liability occasioned by any breach thereof.
    The total enclosure of any stand shall not be permitted. Exhibitors and their contractors may not interfere with the exhibition building in any way whatsoever and any damage caused by their acts of negligence will be required to indemnify the Organiser and its contractors against any claim arising from such damage.
  9. Disposal of waste
    It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that all debris and waste material arising from his or her own stand fitting is completely removed from the exhibition area prior to the opening of exhibition. Failure to comply with this procedure shall render the Exhibitor liable for the cost of clearance by the Organiser.
  10. Staff and stand display
    Exhibitors must ensure that their stand is ready at least 30 minutes prior to the opening of the exhibition. Stands must be fully staffed and stocked at all times. Exhibits are not to be removed until the exhibition is closed and any Exhibitors closing the stand before that time without the permission of the Organiser will be liable for an early closing fee of 25% of the total stand cost.
    Exhibitors must vacate their stand, and ensure that all exhibit items are removed from the premises, within the time specified for exhibition breakdown. Exhibitors failing to do so will be liable for additional rental costs.
  11. Photographs
    Exhibitors should be aware that official photographs will be taken throughout the event and will be used for future promotional material and that attendance at the exhibition signifies consent for those photographs to be used in promotional material and other related publications produced by the Publisher.
  12. Compensation
    Every effort is made by the Organiser/Publisher to ensure total quality, please note that COMPASS Career Opportunities Ltd cannot compensate for any typographical errors within advertisements, since advertisement proofs are available (at no extra cost) when the copy is received by the Publisher by specified deadlines.