Social Worker returns to get results for Council

Social Worker returns to get results for Council

Social Worker returns to get results for Council Click to enlarge

10 Jun 2013

A social worker recruited at Compass Jobs Fair returns as an employer four years on

Worcestershire County Council certainly knows the value of the Compass Jobs Fair – with one of its own senior social workers having been successfully recruited from the same event four years ago.

And now, four years on, the same worker has returned to the Compass Jobs Fair in Birmingham to encourage other newly-qualified social workers to come to Worcestershire by promoting the county as a great place to work and live.

Faith Robinson-Wain, 27, from near Pershore, said: "When I attended the fair four years ago, I was so impressed with what Worcestershire offered in the way of good management support, career development and the opportunity to work in diverse communities, that I applied for a job and was successful.

"I was studying social work at New College, Redditch, and had already done a placement at Worcester and was delighted when they offered me a job.

"The county offered an integrated health and social care service which appealed to me as this means you get better outcomes for service users through services working more closely together.

"I then was able to take advantage of the training that the council offered for aspiring managers and in a short time I was promoted to an Advanced Social Work Practitioner, a job I very much enjoy.

"The council has excellent IT which means you can be fully mobile and flexible, being able to log onto your computer anywhere where there is wi-fi.

"This saves a lot of time (and petrol) travelling to and from the head office. Most of my day is spent on visiting clients and I can instead do my paperwork as I go along. This also means I do not get a backlog and ensures all information about service users is up-to-date.

"The great thing about Worcestershire is that it is a great place to live with wonderful countryside and excellent schools. I really can't fault them as a local authority.

"And for newly qualified social workers who need to commute, the county also has excellent road and rail links, being just 40 minutes from Birmingham.  

"My story made me ideally placed to attend this year's Jobs Fair as I myself was inspired to come to Worcestershire and it has worked out really well for me.

"I was delighted so many people came to see us and also expressed a wish to work in Worcestershire. It certainly lived up to my expectations," she added.

Angela Dale, Worcestershire County Council's senior human resources advisor, added: "The event has always proved to be successful for us in recruiting and Faith shows what it is possible to achieve if you take the right opportunity.

"We had lots of interest at the event from both qualified and unqualified staff which we will follow up and I am sure we will make some appointments.

"Let's hope they can follow in Faith's footsteps and end up with a rewarding career working with adults who need social care," she added.

To find out how you can build upon your recruitment success call a member of the COMPASS team on 01892 784804 or visit the event pages by clicking here.


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