Further Education in Social Work

Further Education in Social Work

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14 Jun 2011

Continuing education and training in social work

Social work professionals are turning to further education and training to make themselves more employable in this testing current climate. As in other professions, it is essential for social workers to maintain a high level of knowledge in the sector and, just as crucially, keep up to date with current developments.

Teo Armes, a MA Social Work student, decided to further his studies once qualifying with a degree in sociology to enhance his employability, 'I wanted to train as a social worker and enjoyed the challenge of studying at a high level.' After gaining some experience in the social work sector Teo studied his MA at UEA stating in COMPASS 'I would recommend this course to others, as the quality of the lecturers and tutors is excellent and between them they bring a wealth of knowledge and practice' he said.

However Owen Davies, while Head of Policy at the GSCC, stated in COMPASS that he believes there are several avenues for social work professionals to explore when furthering their knowledge, ‘Learning can also be achieved through a wide range of activities aside from formal classroom-based events. This could include discussing a Serious Case Review with your manager to identify lessons learnt, implementing a new idea.’

Training and education is an ongoing progression for social work professionals at all levels, which is highlighted in the number of universities, colleges and training organisations deciding to advertise in COMPASS each year, reaching out to over 30,000 individuals. One of those being Valery Agborsangaya who says of the COMPASS guide, ‘It gives me a lot of information on issues such as career progression and information about various local authorities, events and seminars.’

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