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As the workplace gets ever more pressurised, more and more wise managers are seeing the value of investing in employee wellness. Ticking boxes and paying lip service are not enough to tackle the complex issues involved. What is needed is a much more effective approach rooted in experience and expertise. That’s where Vigoroom UK comes into the picture.

Vigoroom is a sophisticated employee wellness platform with over 1,000 items: videos, e-courses, activities, workouts and challenges. Not just information, but expert-led structured programmes tailored to the individual’s specific needs.

The platform covers important materials about not only exercise and healthy lifestyles, but also guidance on specific health conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart problems, plus mental health and wellbeing; stress avoidance; coping with grief; handling aggression; financial wellbeing and much more.

The system is designed not just for the most active and athletic people, but for all employees. Built-in incentives based on a points system help to encourage everyone to participate. The wide range of team challenges can be particularly effective in making sure that as many people as possible participate. These can be especially important in promoting teamwork, an important part of developing a wellness culture.

In charge of UK operations is renowned author and international conference speaker Professor Neil Thompson. Neil has been supporting social workers and their employers for over 40 years to help them boost learning, improve practice and develop workplaces that bring out the best in people. He has developed a well-deserved reputation for presenting complex ideas clearly and accessibly without oversimplifying them.

Neil is a firm believer in the principle that happier and healthier workplaces are more productive, with higher levels of morale and engagement and lower levels of stress, staff turnover, sickness absence and related problems. He became involved in Vigoroom UK because he could see how valuable the resources could be in contributing positively to a culture of wellbeing that can make such a difference to employers and employees alike – a real win-win situation!

The investment in the Vigoroom UK service can be recouped by the lower costs associated with reduced staff turnover (bearing in mind the high costs of recruiting and onboarding new staff, with the added bonus of higher levels of productivity and engagement (due to higher morale and lower levels of sickness absence), greater stability and continuity and a generally happier and more trouble-free working environment.

The service offers access to this platform for staff and managers, plus support to management and HR in developing a genuine culture of wellbeing that we can all be proud of. Investing in Vigoroom UK gives a clear message that, as caring employers, you take employee wellness seriously and that you are genuinely committed to creating a positive and empowering workplace.