West Midlands Childrens Services

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There are 14 local authorities and 2 Children’s Trusts which make up the collaborative entity which is West Midlands Children’s Services.

The area offers an amazing range of diverse environments both professionally and personally which can meet anyone’s tastes, needs and wants.

We understand that by working together we can provide our professionals a wide range of development opportunities and seek to provide a supportive, nurturing work environment for experienced practitioners, returners and new entrants alike.
We will be exhibiting at “The Social Work Show” in Manchester on May 13th. We look forward to be able to show how your professional and personal aims can be met within the West Midlands. Before then follow us on Twitter to find out more about what we will be presenting on the day.

Website: https://www.wmchildrensservices.org.uk/
Twitter: @WMCS
Email: info@wmchildrensservices.org.uk