Hugh Jones Solicitors

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Hugh Jones Solicitors is the trading name of H. A. S. Jones Limited and was set up by the Directors to be a law firm which was different to our competitors in a number of ways:

We wanted to get away from a de-personalised, process driven approach which often saw the client treated as a commodity (but charged a premium rate).  We were very concerned that the de-skilling in many law firms meant the clients couldn't get to speak to experienced or qualified specialists who knew them well and could offer advice on the spot. 

Our belief is that if our staff are appreciated and looked after properly, they will treat our clients in the same way…..and we can provide the best advice and support at a lower cost, because we are not part of a large firm with expensive overheads.

Contact us  to discuss what your current provider is charging - we believe we can provide the same or better service at an agreed lower cost, for example by working on a fixed fee or on capped fees.