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In Central Bedfordshire we are striving for the happiest children and achieving that through high quality outcome focused Social Work.

In a recent staff survey 100% of our respondent Team Managers agreed or strongly agreed that the organisation is a good place to work in. 

We did this alongside opening our Academy, ensuring low managed caseloads, creating small teams with empowered managers, to attract and retain the finest social workers.

We are committed to creating the best possible environment for people to practice in a reflective, learning and supported environment. It is important to us to develop Social Workers careers. But don't just take our word for it, please read on to find out more. 

Training & Rewards

Learning & Development

We have access to a broad range of learning and development activities that are designed to suit our needs and those of our team. The Council's L&D programme is constantly evolving (and regularly reviewed) so you'll always benefit from the latest thinking, opportunities and qualifications.

Career Progression

At Central Bedfordshire, we have a career progression scheme that's designed to help everyone here reach their potential. It's now being linked to the Professional Capabilities Framework, which means that it will remain up-to-date and relevant in the future. As part of this scheme, the Council encourages unqualified staff to study for further qualifications up to and including degrees. The Council also operates an ASYE and an Early Professional Development programme in conjunction with a local university. If you're a manager, you can achieve diplomas and Masters-level qualifications.

Social Workers have the opportunity to apply for promotion from Social Worker Level 1 to Social Worker Level 2 without changing job roles. Most Senior Practitioner or management vacancies are advertised internally, before being made public.


The benefits at Central Bedfordshire are extensive. You can find out more by clicking on the links below.

Benefits at a glance
Children's Social Worker salaries

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“Social work at CBC is good because we have supportive management and opportunities for professional development”

Family Support

"I've been a qualified Social Worker for 12 years and worked for many different local authorities. This is the only place where I haven't felt that I had to take work home with me."


"The social work is of a high quality and social workers are clear about the role and requirements - good quality supervision is the key component of this."

Family Support

"There's a positive, supportive and friendly atmosphere within the team."

Children with Disabilities

"The training that CBC offers is relevant to my role in Children's Services and it has allowed me to gain more knowledge around the different aspects of working with children, families and professionals. As a result it has helped build my confidence."


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Full seminar list now available

Full seminar list now available

for the COMPASS Jobs Fair, Birmingham on 16 March

Time to Talk

Time to Talk

Mental health is thought to affect as many as one in four people yet many still believe it is not an illness.

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Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

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