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Lancashire social workers tell us that despite difficult and challenging times they have found working in Lancashire very rewarding. Social workers state that compared to its comparative authorities Lancashire is forward looking where it values the contribution others make and also strives to have development at its heart. 

A career in social work is rewarding and offers to make a difference to people's lives as well as the communities it serves.
In Lancashire adult care services are striving to work differently so that social workers can use their innovation to make the difference!


Lancashire Adult Social Care

In Lancashire adult social care we recognise that our social work staff are our greatest asset and we are embarking on a journey to help them to make those differences. We believe that people in difficult circumstances need a chance to retain, enhance and rediscover their independence and to reach their full potential. That is why we are currently working with a partner to challenge the way that we do things, to change our systems to increase the time that social workers can spend with people. Some of our social workers are directly involved in this project so that their voice has a big part to play in the things we will try to enable this. One of the social workers involved said " This is a really exciting project to be involved in as it comes from bottom up rather than top down from senior managers, ensuring staff on the ground are part of the future development of the services provided for Lancashire citizens."

Ultimately our aim is to improve the outcomes for people in Lancashire.

We also train our social work managers and staff to use a strength based approach which encourages us to look and enhance at the assets and strengths they have in their lives, not just the problems.


Today and every day adult social workers in Lancashire do marvellous things such as:

-protect people from abuse and help them to recover and discover how they can live their lives and protect themselves.

-help people to cope with a crisis in their life such as having to go into hospital

-assist people to cope with mental ill health

-help the carers and families of disabled people


We have always been proud of our staff and we are constantly amazed by their commitment, skill, hard work and enthusiasm. We support them with excellent management support, good supervision and extensive learning and development opportunities.

Adult social workers in Lancashire will have an opportunity to make a difference in our adult social care services, adult safeguarding services, a quality development service, a learning disability and autism service or in a mental health service.

One of the many strengths that Lancashire has is its work with partners and this is constantly being developed and improved as Lancashire recognises the strength partner agencies bring.

It is a beautiful place to live and a good place to work-please come and talk to us.



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