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Recruiting outstanding social workers for Peterborough

Social Work Peterborough focuses on recruiting outstanding social workers to support Children’s Services in Peterborough.

Peterborough offers you a rich and supportive work environment together with a high standard of living for you and your family.


Peterborough is a great place to build your career as a social worker, with excellent quality of life on your doorstep.

Peterborough’s social care team is close knit and friendly, and you will work face-to-face every day with your social worker colleagues. There’s no hot-desking so you can personalise your workspace and build supportive relationships with the team around you.

The other departments you will need to work with are largely in the same building so you can build great relationships and get positive results for your clients, fast.

Children’s services social workers play a vital role in our dynamic and culturally diverse city. Peterborough’s rapid growth is creating significant challenges within our inner city environment. There are high levels of deprivation here, with around 24 per cent of children living in poverty. The population is changing too, with immigration at high levels and more than 120 languages now spoken within the city.

Whilst Peterborough has a great deal to offer the average resident, day-to-day life for some of its people can be a real challenge. Demand for intervention from social care is high and in

Children’s Services, our First Response teams field around 840 enquiries per month.

Because of the challenges at hand, our social workers are given the highest salaries in the region and an excellent benefits package. We work hard to support these important teams and pride ourselves on the collaborative environment within the Council.


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