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We understand that leaving foster care or residential care can be a real challenge for young people. The transition to independent living can be very difficult for care leavers when compared to the same transition for people with a family support network; it can have an impact throughout their lifetime. We all need advice, support and positive relationships in order to thrive – no matter what stage we’re at in life!

At the Rees: The Care Leavers' Foundation, we understand. We’re here to offer the care and support that most people take for granted and simply turn to their friends and family for. Anything from pointing them in the right direction for legal advice to offering work experience, to providing financial assistance in times of need– we’re here for them.

We’re constantly talking and listening to young people and adults with care experience, so we know precisely what practical help and support they actually need.

What we offer:

- A signposting service that responds to individual needs to make the most of our own and other valuable services in the community.

- Unique learning resources for anyone including practical resources and direct training experiences.

- Interactive spaces where people with care experience can share their knowledge and experience, make new connections and learn from one another.

- Financial support, where possible, for all people with care experience; without limitation.


All the help and support you need is right here

Rees Foundation services are open to anyone with care experience.

If you need information or advice, long-term support, or to become part of a community, we’ve got you. We can help you make changes, achieve ambitions and connect with other people with care experience.

We also provide a range of useful extra services that anyone with care experience can take advantage of:

- Mentoring

- Revolution Networking

- Opportunities

- Request Support

- Signposting

- Still in Care? We can help

- Training


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